Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Our sweet girl Mattie

Fourteen years.  That's how much time we had with this sweet girl.  She was all love. She followed me everywhere and was patient, caring, and sweet.

Emilio was 11 and Shelby was 6.  She was part of our family.  An amazing companion to our family and our last pup, Daringer who passed away two years after getting Mattie.  Also from cancer.  Mattie was diagnosed with nose cancer back in February.

My little snowball will now rest in peace.  No more nose bleeds, or trouble breathing.  The past few weeks we were taking turns sleeping with her, because she couldn't stand being alone at night anymore.

Our Christmas card 2014 with our lovely pups.

John and the kids took Mattie to the vet and we will spread her ashes once we get them back.  I could not go.  She was my companion when my kids left the nest and never left my side during my lonely times at home.  I want to remember her at our home not in a doctors' office.  My heart hurts right now but I take comfort in knowing she no longer is in pain.

I named her...... and her name will forever be in my heart.

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