Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Kitchen Desk Make Over

This is my desk in my kitchen.  What you don't see is the kitchen table behind it that is inundated with papers, binders, bills, and files.  We live in a house that has plenty of living space yet for some reason, we spend the majority of our time in the kitchen/family room.  

I spent the last couple of days organizing and thinking how best to use this space and the remainder of the 4000 sq ft. in my home.  This is what I have done......

Planning on adding something on the top *kid art* possibly from the craft room

I removed all my binders of my organizations that I am involved with, that freed up an entire shelf.  I then organized my cook books, which believe it or not, I actually use.  I will begin using my craft room upstairs as my project room for girl scouts and national charity league.  I even have a tv being moved their so that I can actually work while catching up on shows or just having an old movie on for comfort while I work.

 I also wanted to add a feminine touch to my little area and found these silk mums, I plan on tying a ribbon around the metal cone vase. and removing some of the magnets and placing inspirational quotes.

 Looking at the pictures, also helps clean things up a bit.  I since removed the magnets on the wall file to make it look tidier.  I think the terracotta wall color makes it nice and inviting.

I placed my non cooking books in a basket, such as the school directories, my spanish/english dictionary, diet books (which just gather dust) and journals for a cleaner look.

 I still need to do a touch up on the paint job.  I had a longaberger hanging basket that Shelby needed for her room and I was left with a hole in the wall.  Because not only did she take the basket she took my hook!

I love sending thank you cards and notes to people who have touched my life with random acts of kindness or kind words.  My antique coca cola wheel crate houses my cards and since they are always within eyesight they serve as a reminder to acknowledge those around me.  

I hope this helps with any projects you have in the do's and don'ts in what I have done here.  Enjoy your rainy Tuesday and stay warm!!!

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