Thursday, February 11, 2016

December Happenings part 1

Our annual Christmas Party with the lovely ladies I volunteer with at Cypress-Woodlands Junior Forum, on December 8th.  The venue was a new one for us at the Wild Stallions Winery in Spring. Beautiful location and the food was the best in all the years I have attended.

 Wearing my Christmas skirt I bought on Ebay last year and had to take it to the tailors for resizing.  I received a lot of compliments on it that night.

December 12 we spent the evening in the Heights enjoying the lights.  First time we walked the area and had a great time. Streets are closed off and many private house parties are going on with live music on the front porches and balconies.  Port-a-potties, wine wagons, and many fun yard decorations.

While we enjoyed the Christmas festivities in Houston our lovely husbands were in Austin due to the weather.  Needless to say they also had a fun time on 6th street.  They flew home the next morning once the nasty weather cleared up.

On Sunday the day after Lights in the Heights I invited over my Girl-Rillas from Silverback Crossfit for a Christmas get together.  These women are the main reason I continue doing Crossfit.  So upbeat and motivating when I think I just can't do anymore.

After our little celebration we went down to McGonigal's Mucky Duck to see my favorite singers.  Guy Forsyth and Carolyn Wonderland.  Every year they perform a Christmas Special concert and it just so happens that it falls around my birthday.  I love seeing them together and this year I took Emilio with me.  Shelby has also attended in years past and loved their music too.

If you get the chance look them up and buy their CD's.  They are amazing!

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