Monday, June 2, 2014


August 2011, first day at boarding school.  She was so excited to start her new adventure.  I can't believe we let her do this.  It was so hard on us, to not see her everyday, be at her school for every little celebration or event.  But here we are three years later and we did it!  We ALL did it!!

As they say at Hockaday we are HOCKADONE!!!

Shelby wore the traditional white dress that all the Hockaday Seniors wear for graduation.  The dress is voted on by all seniors and a fashion show with models of all sizes showcasing the dress.

In the years past the seniors would wear white hats with flowers and carry a flower basket.  However being the centennial year the girls reverted to the original hats of pastel colors.  Shelby chose yellow, my favorite color on her.

The ceremony was outside and very humid....look at me glisten and let's not mention my hair.  uhg!

Hockaday has century old traditions that are truly southern.  Here are some of the hats the girls wore.

One of the traditions is the underclassmen who have a sister graduating form a corridor with Gladiolas for the Seniors to walk through.  It's so sweet to see the senior girl stop and hug her sister midway and proceed to her seat.

This year's speaker was Robin Roberts of Good Morning America.  She spoke briefly with the majority of the speech coming from a senior girls who was chosen by her classmates to write the speech.  A phenomenal 15 minute if not longer speech.  Had us all laughing and realizing what a phenomenal school this has been for our girls.

The curriculum is rigorous so much so that the girls refer to it as Hockahell.  However, listening to the girls speak it is balanced by the amazing staff, teachers, and parent organization that keeps their free time filled with countless fun activities.

Senior splash day is a day that the Senior girls get to decorate their skirts with their college of choice and then grab super soakers to wet the Freshman and teachers/administrators in an all out battle on the Metzer Plaza.

Here is Shelby with a friend after a "battle".

Looking back I really hope that we made the right choice and that the three years she was away from us, which I know will seem like a drop in the bucket, will be rewarded with the success she will have in the future.

She definitely has a broader international friendship base!  Pictured below is Cathy her roommate and  her best friend Ana.

Future graduates of Boston University/University of Florida/SMU

We have always been very proud of our daughter and more so this past few weeks.  The three years have not been easy for any of us.  Shelby continued to amaze us away from home and more so when she came back.  She is shows us again and again that their is never embarrassment by the amount she loves us and we her.  She still holds our hands, hugs us for minutes on end and cuddles us every chance she gets.  We are extremely grateful to God for blessing us with our Shelby.

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