Thursday, April 16, 2015

Some of my Favorite things

Some of you know that as of January 1, 2015 I have not bought any clothes for myself.  My goal is to TRY to go the entire year without purchasing clothes.  You can read about it here.  I know I stated that I would not buy shoes as well but I retracted that when I realized that I can't go an entire year with worn out shoes.  I'm pretty hard on my shoes and do not wish to look like a pauper or have aches and pains.

I have focused on making my current wardrobe pop with costume jewelry, shoes, and accessories.  All within reason of course.  I held a Premier Jewelry party a few months ago and it was a huge success.  I was able to receive over $500 worth of free jewelry for hosting.  All because of the generosity of my friends who loved the jewelry just as much as I do.

I love costume jewelry, specially since I love to wear jeans, t shirts and sandals.  Changing the jewelry or throwing on a scarf really dresses it up for me.

Another of my favorite purchases this year are these shoes!  Found them on sale at Dillards.  And very comfy.

The last thing that I feel everyone women should own is this:

I recently purchased a new car.  My most common problem is my handbag, where do I put it when I have a passenger?  I found this little do-dad on  It clips on to your headrest and acts as a hook to hold your purse, bags, dry cleaning, etc.

I love mine and use it daily. The cost is minimal and it qualifies for free shipping.

One more thing, I absolutely fell in love with.......

Found this colorful chandelier in Tomball.  A Tale of 2 Sisters made this one of kind chandelier. You can find them on Etsy here.

Enjoy your day friends!!

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