Tuesday, April 8, 2014


  • Houston has been unusually cold lately.  
  • The more I exercise the more I want to go clothes shopping.
  • My kids think my life revolves around wine, my life revolves around them which leads me to drinking wine.
  • I read on a tweet that grief is equal to the love we give and I found it profound.
  • I love watching Game of Thrones but find that SNL got it right when they did the skit about it. (one of the writers has to be a prepubescent 13 year old with a fetish for boobies.)
  • I do not dance enough with my husband and that would be one of my regrets.
  • Thinking back when I was about 14, I wanted to be a clown....I often wonder if I would be in clown rehab by now if I had followed my dream.
  • It's easy to lose who you are when you try to please everyone and not hurt anyone's feelings
  • The love of my family speaks volumes of their beauty and perhaps my own.

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