Saturday, September 22, 2012

Our other children

I seldom talk about our other children.  Even though at times they take up more of our time then the human ones.  Mattie is a mix of pure bred Pomeranian and pure bred Poodle.  She has graced us with her presence since 2004, when I convinced our family to answer an ad in the Chronicle.  We usually get our pups from the SPCA but I really wanted a dog that would not shed and reduce  some of the allergies with John and Shelby.  I am so happy that we did get her.  Mattie is all love.  She is a cuddler at heart and seldom barks.  The complete opposite of her companion Wolfie.

Wolfie, is short for Wolfgang Amedeus.  He was a gift from one of Shelby's friends from school.  He was born the year Mozart would have celebrated his 250th birthday.  Wolfie loves to wear clothes, especially capes.  Don't ask.  And is my barker, or more accurately a yapper.  He yaps at his shadow, the pool vacuum cleaner (he actually bites the rubber brush on the cleaner, when is surfaces!), he's my door bell, and my runner.  The minute the door opens he darts out like a bullet.  He does return and thank goodness we live in the back of the subdivision, very little traffic and everyone knows him.

Wolfie is the bad boy of the house.  Mattie the lover. 

Emilio bringing the puppy home

a surprise for Shelby, she had no idea!

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