Monday, June 4, 2012

A college graduate enters a bar........

I'm a little late in writing this but have been documenting my feelings about my first born graduating from College.  He accomplished something none of his parents were able to attain at his age.....a college degree.  All of us are so proud of him.  But most of all, the degree he earned does not begin to describe what a fine young man he is.  June  was the first month that no money was sent for rent or living expenses.  He is officially living on his own, managing his money and still calling us to see how life is in Houston.

 I was doing great during the graduation ceremony and concert but I completely lost it when we were about to leave back to Houston.
 I just couldn't stop my crying.  (I'm such an ugly crier!) And I didn't want to let him go.  My eyes are tearing up just thinking about it.
 He was such a good sport about it and just held me and assured me that he would keep calling and visit when he could. Talk about being all grown up.
That day, everything just came flooding into me.  His first day of Pre-K, his violin recitals in middle school, his karate competitions, flag football...every single memory of his childhood just washed over me and I felt it went by way too fast.  His fascination with vacuum cleaners, choo choo trains, and telephones, the little eccentricities he had growing up, where all of sudden being missed. 

The next weekend we were in Dallas because Shelby was asked to the Marksman's Ball by a senior and we allowed her to go but of course we stayed up there and met the parents, the boy and picked her up afterwards.  At first I told her she could not attend the after prom party at one of the boys' home but dear old dad who does not use the word "no" when it comes to Shelby said "we will pick you up from the party at 1:00!!"  AGGHH!!! Which meant I was staying up to pick her up and hoped that the party wasn't going to be improper for my sophomore.  Well, I show up and all the kids (perhaps a dozen of them) are all watching the PBS show Sherlock Homes!!  I love Shelby's friends!
No music, no wild dancing, no drinking, just old fashion English humor. It really is a good show!! 

That brings us up to May 19th.  The following weekend we had over 70 guest at our annual crawfish boil.  More to come on that event!

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