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As time goes on and we "mature" our definition of friendship changes.  Either consciously or unconsciously but it happens.  We hold a higher value to the word and it's meaning as time goes on. As time whines down. We start choosing discerningly.

As children everyone we encountered was a friend.  By the end of visit to the park we left with thoughts of the new friends we made only never to see them again.  But those few precious moments of playing we left with the feeling of camaraderie.

As we grow into our teen years we find ourselves looking for friends we share our struggles, similarities, and ideals.  High School was an altogether different animal when it came to friendship.  At an age most of us are self involved, self aware, and self conscience it's a wonder we even knew what true friends were.  You learned quick in high school who to trust and who you could not. Promises broken, boyfriends cheating, backstabbing here and there we all found our place.  Lessons are  learned in those years and believe me I learned a lot about myself those years. Good and bad.

Through trial and error I learned what a true friend meant and more importantly what it means to be a good friend.   You cannot have one without the other.  I have had friendships where they thought more of me then I of them. Those did not end well.    I had no idea and was clueless how much value they placed in our friendship.  Some of my deepest regrets.

Robin, Me and Carmen. 
My 40th Birthday Dinner in Galveston, TX 2006

One special person has been my Ying to my Yang.  Where I am ball of emotion, she is the sound of reason.  Well, actually I have  few of those friends.  Through different stages of my life I have needed help growing up.  And God placed these special women and men in my life to help me along my journey.  Thank you, I honestly can say I would not be here if it wasn't for you all.

Ruidoso, NM 2005

Currently my heart, prayers, and thoughts go to one special family friend.  Carmen.  I met Carmen in 2002 when our girls attended second grade together. In a sea of friendly faces and new surroundings we found our joy.  Our families, vacationed together, played sports (at least the girls did),  hunted,  swim team, girl scouts, and the list goes on.  As time would have it, the years passed and before you know it the girls were off to college. And here we are 15 years later, appreciating the memories and our times together and apart.
Gosh they were so cute!

I've learned with all things you must appreciate the gift of today, the now, the here and the company you keep.  At the age that my friends parents are now passing as well as our own you are reminded that everything changes.  Except my playlist of music.  It pretty much stays back in the 1970's.   And looking at some of these pictures my wardrobe doesn't change much either!

Northwest Assistance Ministries Diamond & Denim Gala 2007
Houstonian Hotel (Carmen's Nephew's wedding) 2012 (est.)

Dave Matthews Concert at the Cynthia Woods Pavilion 2012
So as you can see this post is about my friendship with Carmen. And how with time my list of "friends" has dwindled to the ones who mean the world to me.  Making time for them is the priority this year.  My 50th birthday celebration showed me who truly loved me and it shook me to my core. How privileged I am to have so many beautiful fun, kind people in my life.

Atlantic City, NJ 2013
But most of all I am thankful and fortunate to have a friend when in need will turn to me and say "Hey, I need you and this is what is going on with me.".  That is the badge of courage, love and friendship.

So here I am celebrating my friend Carmen and our friendship.  May we have another 15 years plus in each other's life.
My birthday on Washington Ave. Pub Crawl 2011

Pizza by Elizabeths in Greenville, DE
I apologize for all the pictures but I love every single memory they bring me along with the smiles and giggles attached to each one.  

I love you Carmen and even though God did not give me a sister, he did give me you.

Witch's Night Out 2016

Love these two! 2006

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