Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Our Ghost Adventures

Eureka Springs, Arkansas

The infamous 1886 Crescent Hotel

Our annual Mother/Daughter trip this summer.

 Once this hotel was an all girls school, a hospital with a quack for a "doctor", and a resort.
With each remodel and re opening of a new venture, mysterious things have happen on this property.  Eureka Springs itself holds "mystical" powers among the American Indians and the power of the springs throughout the area.  It's an amazing little town.  Only 2, 000+ residents.

Shelby and I stayed in room 201 which thank goodness did not have any ghost stories attached to it.
Though I have a few of my own in this room.  Even with my Virgin of Guadalupe Taco shirt, I was still spooked and did not sleep a wink that night.

My beautiful travel companion who made sure to keep me inline and held me when I would get scared.  She is such a wonderful daughter.  I am truly blessed with the children that I have.

We did a ghost tour on Friday night and the guide was really good story teller.  The guy who called himself a doctor and ran a hospital claiming to cure cancer.  He would hire actors to sit out in the veranda to give his hospital a sense of healing an health.

This locker was on Ghost Hunters featuring a heat impression of a soldier by the number 2.

One of our favorite outings from our hotel was the Thorncrown Chapel located in the middle of a forest. It's absolutely breathtaking.  Take the time to click on the link, my pictures do not do it justice.

Since Shelby and I speak to everyone who crosses our path, a couple of nice women suggested we drive to Missouri to visit the Dogwood Canyon Nature Park.  We spent the day doing a 6 mile hike through out the park.

We were exhausted after the nature walk but it was very much worth it. The park is littered with trout streams and waterfalls. Definitely worth the one hour drive.

On our last we stopped at the Magnetic Springs to drink from the fountain, sort of.  If you saw the well you would not even breath the water in.  I think homeless folks bathe in it.  Eww.

Lucky for us, they did offer an alternative.....

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