Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Bahamas Pt 2

After spending 2 nights on Harbour Island we flew over to Long Island for 2 more nights.  After that we were on our way to the Exumas.  The Bahamas has over 700 islands, most of them uninhabitable.

The nice ones are owned by celebrities.  David Copperfield owns a few islands down there and you would not believe how much he rents it for a night! You can find out here Musha Cay.

We also saw Steven Spielberg's yacht that looks likes a Carnival Cruise liner.  SOOO HUGE!! It's crazy how much wealth their is in this world and you can definitely see it in the Bahamas.

John enjoying his view from atop the Columbus Monument area.

Not sure if John was debating whether to jump or just enjoying the breeze between his toes.

Our last day at Long Island, exploring the end of the island.  Not much there.

This is Dean's Blue Hole.  We visited by car and then we flew over it on our way out.  It's the second largest blue hole in the world with a depth of 663 feet.

 A boat load of yachters all over the Bahamas!

Making new friends at a local watering hole.  Met some really nice folks from Alabama.

Once we got settled into this seedy hotel.  I'm not kidding.  Our hotels seemed to have declined as we made our way across the Bahamas.  Nice folks, clean room, but not the Holiday Inn.  This would be our last stop and we only had 1 night here.

To take advantage of all the fun things to do in the Exumas we booked an all day boat trip and got to see everything!!

John jumped in to grab a star fish and everyone on the boat took pictures with it and then we placed it back.  It was huge!

The boat pulled into this cave on one of the cays.  It is so pretty out there.

We stopped at Big Major Cay which has the worlds famous swimming pigs.  John jumped in and so did I.  I still can't believe I did that.  With my life jacket of course.

One girl got bit on her buttocks.  It looked painful.  I did not feed the pigs, just made sure to keep all my bits and pieces away from their mouths.

Found this at Compass Cay when we went to swim with the Nurse Sharks.  John took a picture of it and sent it to Shelby asking "Who the hell is Cole?".  LOL.

 When then visited a large sand bar in the middle of the ocean and we all got out to stretch our legs and take pictures.

Next stop was an island that Nicolas Cage bought and then found out that it was a sanctuary for iguanas and he could not build on it.  The government bought it back from him at a discounted rate, of course.  Poor Nick.  Now this story is from our guide, so who knows if this true or just Bahamian Folklore.

Now time to go home.  We cleared customs at St. Lucy, Florida.  and had a beautiful trip home.  We were able to stop in Gainesville and spent the night visiting our youngest.

One of the coolest excursion we have done.  John also jumped into the Thunderball Grotto on the Staniel Cay Island.  I swam into the grotto to see him jump from the hole.  Unfortunately no picture of the jump.

Well, hope you enjoyed the pictures.  This beats scrapbooking!

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