Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Bahamas or as I call it Adult Spring Break PT 1

 Bahamas Bound!!

In March, John and I decided to take a few days to explore the Bahamas.......in our own little plane!
John researched and planned the logistics of how to get there.  Passports, customs, were to clear, were to land, airport locations, etc. I booked the hotels and our excursions.

This was no small undertaking.  John was cool as a cucumber as he navigated the 40 minutes or so over open water for the first time.  Once we landed he was more relaxed, he did an amazing job!
The above picture is of our gps system showing us flying over the Grand Bahama International Airport.

Our first stop was Harbour Island and MY first stop was the bar.  We stayed in a beautiful resort called Valentines Resort & Marina.  We were ferried over by boat after we landed.

Do you see the monkey behind my cocktail?  That's how I felt inside as we flew over the vast ocean.

At Romora Bay

John has never met a stranger and we first met him on the ferry taxi over and serendipitously came across him over cocktails.  After we hitchhiked over to this little bar for sunset cocktails.  We had not rented a golf cart yet and its the custom here. We ended up doing dinner together with his lovely girlfriend.  Amazing folks!

A picture of my future home. ;)

Below is my favorite place we found wandering the island.  The Ocean View Club.
 Next door is a bar called Sip Sip.  We went looking for it only to find out it was closed.  John being the curious person he is walked into this "house" and realized it was a hotel with a bar.  The drinks were amazing!  I fell it love with the place.  The rooms are tents on the beach. The house on the cliff acts as the hotel lobby and bar.  Adorable and quant.  A must go to!

Our next stop was Long Island, Bahamas not New York.  The 30 minutes or so flight over was breath taking.

This island was hit the hardest in October 2015.  It was actually one of our favorite islands because it was full of ex pats and locals.  It felt homey and not touristic.

This trip was a wonderful way for us to reconnect with each other.

Our new friends Linda and ??? I can't believe I forgot his name!

Waiting for our famous conch salad at Max's Conch Bar  & Grill.  Had a great time talking to all the locals at this off the road diner.

Hurricane damage, we had to walk across and then hike up an oceanside hill. Glad we made it out!

Check out the wind!  We had to land and take off in that!!

I love the goofy expressions we make on selfies.  Definitely a generational gap here!

One of the best finds when it comes to food.  A french restaurant on the other side of the island called Chez Pierre.  We were starving when we arrived at 4:30.  The guys thought we were crazy to be eating dinner so early. Thank goodness he opened the restaurant for us!

So many more pictures and stories to tell.  I will have to post the rest on another day.

I completely forgot to post about our adventure and this one is truly worth writing about.  Hope you enjoy!

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