Thursday, June 16, 2016

We are all ONE

After 9/11 everyone I knew was speaking about the senseless tragic terror attack on our country.  EVERYONE

Flags were spotted in everyone's front yard, vigils, memorials, school and church programs, and on and on.

After the second most deadly attack on our country in Orlando, I am not witnessing as much shock or horror from our citizens.  Have we lost our empathy or just simply have learned to live with the horror of it all.  Or worst, was it because the attack took place not in a preschool or church but in a gay night club.  I pray that it isn't the latter.  I pray that people aren't looking away or facing the horror of this because it happen to this community of people.  I pray that we all felt the pain of loss when this happen and did not lose our empathy towards others.

This terrorist attack has been funneled through a sieve full of outcries regarding "gun control, hate crime against the LGBT community, Muslim hate" and so on.  If it wasn't guns used it would have been fertilizer or home made explosives.  Crazy knows no limits when trying to hurt someone. Simply look at 911.  No guns were used there.  This isn't about gun laws, its so much more.  It's about us and what path we choose to travel.

Do we wish to say that it's not our fight or do we stand up for everyone who cannot.  Because when you stand in silence and do absolutely nothing, you choose.  You choose.

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