Monday, December 7, 2015

This Year's Christmas Card

I just finished sending out about 180 Christmas cards.  This year I had to enlist John's help since I was feeling under the weather with a bad cold.  I think next year I will work on our family pictures over the summer.  Thanksgiving break is way too busy to try to get everyone together, dressed, matched, and groomed.  Not too happy with this year's cards but I can only do so much.

Having to get the Christmas tree up before Thanksgiving and MAKING Thanksgiving dinner while packing and prepping for a weekend at the deer lease made it very difficult to enjoy my Thanksgiving.    I realized that I add too much pressure to my life and I just need to learn to say NO more.

I do love seeing these two together.  One of the best things I ever did was have these two amazing people.  I'm happy to see their relationship stay strong and healthy.

Emilio was not too happy with his hair and Shelby loved her Llama sweater.  It was her idea we all wear Christmas Sweaters for this year's pictures.

John's sweater was the best.  The three wise raptors.  Soooo John!

On the upside with the change in our family room's couch (pictured below) I had to rethink our Christmas decor which means new stockings!!

Great table that folds on both sides. We use this for our puzzles during the holidays.

Picked up the stocking at Hobby Lobby, all on sale.

Purchased my deer pillow at Pier1 on Black Friday  (online of course.)

Stopped at Annette's on our way back from Madisonville.  I love this store.
Such cute things and vintage ornaments everywhere.
I mean who doesn't love a pink tree!

I even indulged in an ice cold glass bottle of Bid Red at their ice cream bar.

Hopping everyone is enjoying their family and Merry Christmas!!

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