Sunday, November 15, 2015

Whole Life Challenge

I know it's been 4 WHOLE months since my last post and happy to report life is going smoothly.

Most of you know that I exercise on a regular basis and have tried everything from personal trainers, yoga to kick boxing.  I finally found a program that in the beginning scared the beejezus out of me but stuck with it -Crossfit, going on three years in February.  I'm not going to talk about the work out session but I am going to mention the latest challenge I just completed that had me reassessing my lifestyle.

The challenge was for 8 weeks and during the eight weeks, every week you were "challenged" to do a certain task.  I will touch on these in a minute but what the basics of the program is the following:

0-5 points for eating clean (basically nothing processed, Fruits, nuts, vegetables, fish, and meat)
Points for taking a supplement, hydrating, stretching for 10 minutes, exercising for 10 minutes.

All things that are possible and within reason.  I mean 10 minutes is really very little.  Of course, I do more than that and the big challenge for me was being conscience of the food choices.  I completely took out sugars, dairy, and 90% carbs if not more.  And the big realization was that everything that is advertised to society is pure crap!  I didn't realize how much sugar, artificial chemicals and preservatives I was ingesting.  I think once you think of eating clean you make better choices in your food.  Something that I fought tooth and nail for years.  I mean I love cupcakes and wine.  I kept telling myself that I exercise so that I could eat what I wanted but in the end that never worked for me.  I never lost weight, I felt extremely tired (coming down from a sugar high) around 2 pm and needed to nap.  Since eating clean all that has changed for me.

The weekly task which were to be done everyday is de-cluttering  An intentional act of kindness, writing an encouraging post to fellow WLC members, posting three things you are grateful for, doing something you love, etc.

John and I both have reversed our philosophy, before we would eat everything an occasionally eat healthy.  A reward for being conscience eaters is going to one of John's favorite place Mellow Mushroom. And even then we limit ourselves to one slice of pizza and a huge salad no dressing or a balsamic/oil dressing.  Moderation when we do eat bad.

The end result was I lost 10 pounds and John about 14 lbs and counting.  All by eating clean foods. Also made making dinner so much easier.  Salad and protein.  Easy Peasy!!

Another challenge will start in January and I highly recommend it.  Here is the link for anyone interested in finding out more.

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