Monday, February 16, 2015

Road Warriors part 2

This is a post that comes with serious consideration prior to typing it out.  This is why it's taking me a few days to get it out there.  That and an extremely bad case of food poisoning that ruined a beautiful Saturday and consequently Valentines day. That's another story in itself.

I've always known deep in my heart that we are here to learn, teach, and improve ourselves.  That everything we encounter regardless of how insignificant is because we are in a constant change, a metamorphoses in a way.  Some lessons come easy and others very difficult.  It's my belief and whats in my core.  When things go astray in my plans I no longer get angry or upset, I just trudge forward.  When I missed my flight and the chain of events started unfolding I did not know what the lesson would be, if it was meant for me or someone else, nevertheless I had the best attitude possible and made it an adventure instead of a catastrophe.  Sometimes it is a fine line between the two and it's our own attitudes and predisposition that makes all the difference.

Lucky for me all involved in the delayed flight =missed flight were kind, patient, and mature regarding the circumstances.  Everyone thanked the cab driver for doing his best and even went out of their way to tell him it wasn't his fault and that we all appreciated his attempt to get us to Orlando in a timely manner.  People can be so beautiful.

One traveler in particular was very quiet during the trip but when he spoke it was with kindness and weariness.  He just looked tired.

I am a take charge type of person, having been in the travel industry for over 10 years, I also knew what was expected from Silver Airways since they caused the missed flight.  Hotel stay and a meal voucher.  I spoke with United and they rebooked my flight for the next day without a problem.  I made sure that we all had a hotel room and our meal vouchers.  We stuck together and felt safe.

Here it goes..........

The one weary traveler, who I will not name, is also headed to Houston.  I also helped him with his flight, he had a horrible agent who would not even do that for him, but he saw me working on mine and walked over.  As usual I took over and told my agent he was with me and need to rebook as well.
After all was said and done, he thanked me for taking over and handling it all since he was exhausted and ready to go home.

We had dinner together and got to know each other, I bragged about my lovely husband and adult children.  He told me about his twins who were 7 1/2 months old. Boy and girl. The videos of their giggles were contagious.

I ask the question for the sake of conversation, his purpose for his trip to Gainesville.  Job interview. He then said something that made my heart literally drop down to my stomach.  Life is too short to be miserable. Forty one years old, diagnosed with a rare cancer only 20 have and he hates his job.

What do you say to that?  He quickly dropped the subject and we continued talking about other things.  I felt horrible that something so negatively profound could happen to someone with so much to live for.  I also felt spoiled for taking for granted all the good I have in this world and not being more thankful for it.  How insignificant are our problems compared to his or others facing such a reality.

I prayed all night for him and his family.  I think of him often and will continue to wish him well on his journey.

Take what you will from this. The weary traveler took a bit of my heart that day and my reality seemed like a fairy tale afterwards.

This would not have happen if the travelers in this story did not take the time for conversation, camaraderie and kind words. Not one of us buried ourselves in our phones or Facebook during the trip but simply enjoyed the company and the adventure.


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