Thursday, February 12, 2015

2015 Project

I enjoy keeping busy and learning new things.  I read a few blogs which showcase their projects and craft ideas.  One in particular looked like fun and I felt fairly confident that I could pull it off.  I found the finished result at Dixie Delights.  She has a fabulous home and does various projects throughout, room by room.  I then found the tutorial on Pinterest with step by step instructions at Pretty Handy Girl Blogspot.

I was very happy with the end result:

Original built in China Cabinet

I chose this fabric to use as for the back.

Here is my end result once I placed all my knick knacks on the shelves.  John did have to help with the glass shelves.  They were very heavy!!

My father in law gave me some beautiful crystal from Germany. Instead of placing all the pieces out I only chose 4 of everything to display.  The beautiful little blue chevron bowl under the plant is a handmade gift given to my daughter by one of her boarding school girlfriends.

I collected teapots for a while and then I ran out of room.  I was able to arrange them in the cabinet among the crystal and like how it turned out.

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