Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Happy Birthday to Me

December sucks for birthday, receiving birthday gifts in Christmas wrapping, getting only one gift, no one able to make your parties because family is in or company parties.  BUT on the upside,  you realize quickly who your true friends are because they actually make the time for you. Like the lovely couple you see here.  They were determined to celebrate my day.  I chose to have dinner and drinks at Hotel Zaza followed by an evening meandering through the Houston zoo admiring the Christmas lights.

John ordered the tickets online so there was no waiting in line to get in.  Note to self, do not go on Saturdays, it was packed!! The line was all the way to the train station!! (for those without tickets)
We actually had 2 extra tickets and I passed them on to a young couple waiting in line.  They just looked at me like "are you serious?"  I think I made their night,  they also received free carrousel ride tickets.

My husband just had to flip the switch!

In the tunnel of lights

John said he had a surprise for me and that was the carrousel tickets.  I had to tell the guy in front of us who was staring at us, to not judge us and he just laughed.  We were the only adults without children on the ride.  But I think we were having the most fun,  because we had no children on the ride with us!!!

Its' so much fun having friends who go with the flow.  Love this pair!  We had to celebrate my birthday two days prior, John left Sunday for a week long business meeting.  I think I whined enough were my girlfriends where like "oh, no he didn't!" and planned another birthday dinner the following night.  Okay maybe they didn't say that but in my mind they did.

Luckily these lovely neighborhood friends took me out on Sunday for an amazing meal in The Vintage area.  Diane is behind us and makes the most beautiful hand made greeting cards, such a crafty lady!  Amy never forgets my birthday and I wish I could say the same about me.  I really need to work on making them feel as special as they made me feel that night.

Celebrating by adding to my winter weight!
The waiter brought us a free desert, free champagne for the three of us, and a card signed by all the staff at Mia Bella.  WOW!  A beautiful evening that fed into my narcissistic side.   This is where you say you don't have a narcissistic side. ( Irony is somewhere in here.)

Johns gift to me, necklace and a pair of TOM wedges
 I normally don't photograph my gifts,  but I wanted to show Shelby what her dad got me.

On my real birthDAY, my son took me out for dinner and paid!!  I did treat him to dessert, of course. Always a mom.  We met in the Woodlands and dined at one of my favorite eateries, Fielding's Wood Grill.  The staff and manager are very pleasant and personable.  Always feel like a VIP here and the food is amazing.  The have adult milkshakes that everyone raves about.  I have yet to have them,  just thinking about the calories in one will make me forego my meal.

Yes, this was all about me but how else am I going to remember my 48th in a year from now much less tomorrow!

Love to all!

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