Friday, December 19, 2014


Treborway Home

In Texas, our neighbors become our families.  More so on Treborway Drive.  John and I moved into this neighborhood not because we bought the house for the asking price, in fact we bought it cheaper than what another family had offered because it was important to the previous owner that his neighbors would like us. They wanted a nice family to move in but instead they got us.   Emilio was 7 and Shelby was 2 when we moved here, John and I were getting married in August and we moved in, in May 1997.


A special thanks to my old boss, Mike ,for finding us this house and the Treborway family that went along with it.

The first two nights on Treborway, Shelby would cry that she wanted to go home and we had to explain to her that this was now our home, and it was, for 10 wonderful years.  Not just any 10 years, but the years that matter.  The years that are filled with raising children, working on the yard, and adding the glue that makes us family.

Being the youngest couple on the block with the youngest of kids, we nonetheless were welcomed with open arms and opened wine bottles.  Most of the kids were teenagers on our block. Shelby was the youngest by far and Emilio got lucky and had two boys his age to play with.

We enjoyed this home and the people.  All of them have a special place in our hearts.  I left that neighborhood learning so many things because of one certain friend I made.  One tough broad that embodied the true nature of a southern woman.  Subtle like a freight train and loved just as fiercely. Her boys and husband were the bane of her existence because she loved them with that much intensity. And because that is who she was.

A day did not go by that we did not hear her yell out Micheal, Patrick or Garret's name in a voice so loud we could hear it inside our home, amidst all OUR yelling.

It is with heavy heart that I say good-bye to this hell of a gal.  I will forever miss our walks in the morning, our talks, and the therapeutic 3 mile bitching session we did about our husbands, that in my opinion made us better wives.  Partly because we did not hold it in only for it to manifest into murderous tendencies.  John is alive partly because of Connie!

The only time I had them over was for John's 40th and that is my biggest regret.  I should have continued the friendship.

So many amazing women on this block. I am ever so grateful for Melissa and Paula on keeping informed on Connie during her illness.


I am grateful for all the lovely ladies in Treborway and the many ways they enriched my famiy's lives.  Now and forever.  But most of all I wish for peace, healing, love to those beautiful men Connie left behind and one special daughter in law, Allison.  I know that she hung on for so long because of the love for them.

Go in peace Connie.


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