Friday, December 12, 2014

Christmas Past 1989


As long as I can remember we always celebrated Christmas as a family. Except for the times when my brothers were in the military, of course.  My family consisted of my two brothers.   Ignore the bowl haircut (WTF was I thinking?!?!?!) Oh and as my children refer to them my "bullet proof glasses".  I couldn't argue with that title.

In this picture I was about 8 weeks pregnant with Emilio and I remember feeling so sick this Christmas, constantly nauseous.

The first baby in our family was Andrea, my baby brothers daughter.   The original princess before Shelby.  And what a princess she was!!!

This year will be a very difficult for Andrea and her brother, Junior.  Their mom lost her battle with Lupus earlier this year.   As with all families who will experience the holidays without a loved one for the first time,  I am thinking of you.  My prayers are with you and so is my love.

1990 Junior, Raul, and Tabby

Emilio's First Christmas 

Andrea still has the same excitement
 over everything.  I love this drama queen.

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