Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Emilio turns 24!

 My first born turned 24 in July!  Hard to believe that the little bundle of joy I brought home 24 years ago is now a grown man.  We are so proud of him and his kindness, patience, and love he shows for all.  Happy Birthday to one of the nicest young man I know.

 We celebrated his birthday at Maggiano's  on Post Oak with many of his friends and family.  Great food and fellowship.

Love these kids to the moon and back!

 Had him over for brunch on his birthday weekend.  Never to big for my lap!

 Unwrapping his gifts from the family.  Shelby is the professional wrapper in the family.

 Margaret and Nacho, Emilio's biggest fans and grandparents!

 Emilio's friend Brian saved the day by picking up a chocolate cake from The Chocolate Bar.

 The sweetest couple around. Emilio and Jeremy.  Love how good they are for each other.

If only they could stay this little....but I cannot wait to see how what adventures they get into!

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