Saturday, September 27, 2014

Birthday Girl (warning lots of pictures)

Guess who turns nineteen tomorrow?!?!

My youngest, bravest, most confident child.

This will be the first time ever in her 19 years of life that I am not with her on her birthday.

She has been my strong willed child that has made me grow in so many ways. Raising her with the knowledge that she has no limits on what she can do and be, she unwillingly made me realize the same rule applies to me.

I wish this bright star in my galaxy the most amazing birthday and wish that I could be there to give her a birthday hug and kiss, something that is not easily sent via postal service or Skype.  My thoughts and love have no bounds, no limits, and do not stop at the county line in Texas.  She will feel my love, our love, on her special day because we did not leave room for doubt in her. Wishing you the best of days.

Happy Birthday my shooting star!!!!!

1998 with Daringer (Treborway Home)

1994 Houston

1998 Galveston 3 years old

2013 Junior Year

2011 Universal Studios (15 years old)
2003 Keystone, Colorado
2012 Swimming with the Sharks Hawaii
Cozumel Mexico 2010
Caribbean Islands St. Lucia area  2013

Crockett Hunt Club 2013

Cohron Wedding 2013

NCL Senior Presentation 2014

Graduation Day in Dallas, Tx 2014

Kindergarten Class Picture 2000

A mom's hug lasts longer when she lets go........  <3

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