Sunday, August 10, 2014

Summer 2014

A new look......

As much as I love my family and they loved my long hair, I just could not take it any longer (pun intended).  So I went short and dark.  Which made my eyes look lighter, no I did not doctor the color.  I love the length and the feel.  I am very happy I took the plunge and cut it.  Excuse the selfies, if I didn't take pictures of me, there would be no record of my existence.   

My mom turns 70....

My mother has always enjoyed playing bingo and going to the casinos.  I don't understand the lure of sitting at a machine and feeding it money but for some (actually a lot of seniors) this is a big thrill.  My mother's only wish is for her to be with her kids on her birthday, so I arranged for my brother and I to take her to L'auberge in Lake Charles.   Gorgeous hotel, loved the lazy river.

Unfortunately,  my older brother doesn't have a good relationship with my mom so it was just us two, but it really made her day.

My baby brother, my mom and me at the casino.

Our last day at L'auberge. Breakfast and then hitting the road. Happy 70th, Mom!!!

Deer Lease Shenanigans......

My guilty pleasures are Dr. Pepper Floats in the summer and Big Red Icee's from Bucee's.  This was me getting my Big Red fix. So much sugar and red dye, I will be well preserved when I die, no need to embalm me.

The carport at the deer lease has their fair share of barnyard swallows nesting.  These were some babies being fed periodically by their parents while we sat below them enjoying the beautiful 70's temperature that weekend.  An unusual low temperature for July in Texas.

Had to take some waterproof boots to trudge through the 300,000 acres of this working ranch.  What a beautiful place it is.  We spread smartweed seeds along the ponds to attract more ducks this season, and these boots came in handy!

John and friends checking out their beaver proof cages.  Still holding!

With Shelby going off to college and me not having wanting to drive to visit her as much (14 hour drive to Florida) we will have our weekends to do more hunting and relaxing at the lease.  I know my yankee cousins are probably cringing by now.  But we do eat what we hunt, and it's delicious!!

Wishing everyone the best as you head back to school or work!  Next blog, my son turns 24!

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