Sunday, July 27, 2014

Throw Back to 2004

December 2004

Dear Family & Friends,

This is year instead of the traditional Christmas card wishing one and all a Merry Christmas; we thought a letter would be nice for a change.  Many of you have kept with us through e-mails or an occasional phone call but somehow those instances are never enough time to fill you in on the entire family.  So here it goes…….

John as been doing great with his job, he no longer writes software but sales instead.  Who would have pictured John as a salesman?  And he is very good at it; he markets consulting services and software to banks throughout the United States.  He has traveled to Hawaii, Bahamas, Chicago, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, New Jersey, etc..  Too many places to mention.  This year our family vacationed in the Bahamas and John’s Father and I went to Hawaii with him while my mom watched the kids for us.

I have been busy with PTO as the representative for the campus ministry.  This year we have been able to recycle magazines by taking them to our area hospitals for their patients and sent 110 lbs. of goodies to the troops for Christmas. In addition, my high school 20 year reunion is in the works.

Emilio has been playing the violin for the past 4 years and loves it!  He started giving lessons to one girl in elementary school this year and wants to get more students.  He really enjoys teaching and is doing great in school this year.  He is a freshman at Northland Christian High School and a member of the orchestra class.  He also received his black belt this year and took some time off from Kuk Sool Won. 

Shelby turned nine years old in September and is going on her third year of piano.  She favors the Christmas songs and plays them all the time at home.  She also is a cheerleader for her school and has cheered at the varsity football games on Friday nights.  We are very fortunate to have the secondary campus so close to us.  She has also taken a few pottery classes and seems to enjoy making things with her hands. 

Last year we added one more family member to our clan in the form of a puppy named Mattie, she is half Pomeranian and half Poodle.  The current list is two parakeets, two dogs, several fish, and one turtle. Oh, and let us not forget the fire eel in Shelby’s fish tank. 

We have been blessed to see another year healthy, prosperous and with loved ones by our sides.  I hope that this letter finds you the same.

Editor’s note:  The parakeets-Kyle                                                          In His Name,
and Crystal have flown the coop.
The Cohron Family

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