Friday, June 27, 2014

Farewell Troop 11054

When Shelby started Kindergarten and I was looking for activities for her to do, joining the local daisy troop in scouting seemed like a fun thing to do.  She would get to make friends with girls in her school and learn some fun things along the way. That was 13 years ago.

Even though she was part of Troop 11012 for two years, she ended up joining 11054 in her 2nd grade year.  She had an amazing troop leader who breathed and bled scouting.  She was great for the young girl scouts who needed guidance and leadership.  Of course we all know that there does come a time when the girls themselves need to lead.  That is what scouting is all about;
Empowering girls to gain confidence, leadership, and accountability with their community.  This is where I stepped in about 2010.  I was the co-leader for many years and an active troop mom throughout Shelby's scouting years.

The past four years have been exciting, trying, lagging, frustrating, encouraging, and hard work.  Out of the nine girls who remained in our troop eight completed their Gold Award (I'm including one that  is currently working on hers over the summer...GO OLLIE!!)

All are college bound, mostly in Texas but we do have three that will be testing their new found academia legs in California, Georgia, and Florida.

To say that I am a very proud advisor to these beautiful girls would be an understatement.  I have seen them work hard to complete their Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards.  Give back to their community by adopting families during the holiday season, show their compassion and grace at retirement communities and with each other.

They speak honestly and supportive with one another and hold each other to the highest possible bar. They will be the first ones to tell their scouting sisters they are straying and need to get back on track.
They speak with enthusiasm when planning future get togethers and I see in their eyes, words, and deeds how much they truly mean to each other even when the outside world has given them more friends and activities.  They hold steadfast.......

I look forward to keeping in touch with these amazing young women, with their careers, relationships, and family they will start in the future.  I hope and pray that they will never forget me and I will never forget them.

Farewell my girl scouts and go out and show the world what you are made of!!!

Our last group picture as a troop 

End of Year Awards and Ceremony Pool Party

Bethany and Shelby

One of many pool parties

One of many sleep overs

Father Daughter Dance-50's Theme

SPCA Field Trip-Houston, TX

Camp Misty Meadows-Conroe, TX

Leader Gift Brownie Year

Savannah, GA Trip Birthplace
of Juliette Gordon Lowe

Camp Arnold-Conroe, TX

Tall Ship Elisa-Galveston, TX

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