Thursday, June 12, 2014

Trying Something New

Wearing my mother's day gift from John a J.McLaughlin scarf

May has come and gone. All my graduation responsibilities completed more or less.  Did I mention that after going to all the trouble of getting our parents up to Dallas to watch Shelby graduate we did not get ONE picture of them with her!!! I was so mad with myself.

Anyway back to me.  I started Crossfit in February with my good friend Paige and her husband Jimmy. The first month I told myself this is the last month, since I already paid for it but I would not renew in March.  It was so scary pushing myself to do all these exercises that for sure were going to kill me.

I started by going three times a week, every other day.  Every day I would show up in fear mode about what the WOD would be.  WOD is work out of the day.  Though it should stand for Wish On Death, for some workouts but not all.  I had a brutal one on Monday and still having a hard time squating...for girls this sucks, if  you know what I mean.

By the end of my 30 days I continued to go with more confidence.  Patience from all my instructors and classmates pushed me to keep going.  Talk about a 12th man scenario these fellow crossfitters were so supportive and patient with me.  Regardless of how many times I had to ask what's a Push Press, or what the heck do you mean 3 reps in 1 minute.  The lingo in itself was confusing but my classmates and trainers were always helpful and forgiving.

In March, I went shopping for some summer clothing and a cute outfit for a fashion show luncheon I was to attend and I could not believe that the size 8 slacks were too big on me!  I only dropped 2 lbs however I must have lost inches and increased muscle mass.

I went in not being able to do push ups or deadlifts and now I can.  I'm no were close to what the other ladies are doing in that class (weight wise) but deadlifting 110 lbs is no small feat.

In my size 4 shorts. Mind you this brand runs big so it's really a size 6 but it's nice to see low numbers on the clothing labels.  This shirt used to bunch up around the hips and fits so much better after the killer work outs. Nice to know I'm not killing myself for nothing!

My crossfit buddies and fellow 5K runners!! Paige blew both Jimmy and I out of the water on the run.  So proud of her!

I'm posting this because I know that there are people out there who struggle finding the time for exercise.  I'm not one to eat well or at least make the best choices with my food, so I choose and am very fortunate to have the time to exercise and not have to do it at 5:00 am.

In this day and age our physical age is a mere number.  I certainly don't feel 47 and speaking with other girlfriends who are in their' 50's and 60"s they don't look, act or behave old.  Maybe that is part of their success in looking so young.  Ignore the numbers and be good to yourself. 

Love to all!

Hope this motivates and inspires.  

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