Thursday, May 8, 2014

Shelby's Senior Year

This year has gone by so fast that my head feels like it's still spinning.  The one quote that keeps playing in my head these past few months is "Get busy living or get busy dying".  It seems to be this year's theme.  Especially with the unexpected passing of friends in the start of this year.  Every day I give thanks for the grace of God allowing me to have another day with my family.

Since the start of the school year it has been one big rehearsal for graduation.  It's the school's Centennial year so they have been having numerous celebrations that begin in April.  They even have Robin Roberts giving the commencement speech at graduation.  We were hoping for Tina Fey.

The school has some great traditions.  For the past 100 years the girls wear summer hats with flowers  and white dresses for their graduation.  The girls vote on the dresses at a fashion show modeled by their peers.  This year's winner was a Project Runway finalist/winner (not sure which one) but Shelby was very excited about meeting him.  He came to the school and did a Q & A with the girls and hand signed sketches of his work.  I heard from several moms that Shelby stole the show with interesting questions.  She has never been the shy one when it comes to creating a conversation!

 This is her graduation picture. I love her smile on this one!

One of the mom's hosted a mother and daughter tea a few weeks ago at her beautiful home and she sent us this picture from it.  Everyone is gracious at this school.  Loved the tea and the goodies they served.

She face-timed me when they were doing there class pictures.  I love how she did her hair and make up.  How I love this kid!  Ignore the picture of me on the right hand corner, I just finished a work out.  YUCK!!

Shelby at 3 years old, and how I see her at times through my eyes.  She will always be my baby girl.

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