Friday, March 21, 2014

Gator in the HOUSE part 1

Last week for spring break we drove to Gainesville to see Shelby's top choice in colleges, University of Florida.  We had three great tour guides who where themselves freshman and Shelby loved every minute of it.    Soon after the tour we hit the bookstore aka gift shop and purchased our Gator paraphernalia.....$200+ later we headed out to explore Gainesville.

 I thought the young man pictured here was a little smitten with Shelby, he made sure to tell her three times he was going to become a dentist and focused a lot of his attention on her.  Not in a creepy way but in a very nice and attentive way.

 In the hotel elevator "bonding" or should I say being silly!

For dinner we did a yelp search and found the best pizza in Gainesville. Sachtels Pizza.  It had a great funky feel to it and the best pizza south of the mason - dixon line.  We ate inside the VW van along with another couple who seemed to be on their first date. A little awkward but we focused on our own conversation.

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