Friday, January 31, 2014

Two Years and counting

Happy Anniversary to me!  Today marks my two years as a blogger.  I started this journey trying to find the answer to many questions.  However, I think now after two years of blogging I may have been asking the wrong questions.

Writing feels good to me and I enjoy getting my thoughts out there. But also with that comes the awareness that I actually have someone knowing my thoughts and feelings, most relate but there is always that fear of rejection.  At times, I share probably way too much and many times I don't share enough thus making me feel like a fake.

I have always had a hard time of going full throttle on anything, the minute I start getting good at something I stop.  I'm scared of failure so it's easier to sometimes just not try.  The fact that my blog has not attracted hundreds of readers is a comfort to me.  But I know that for the few readers I do have, I owe them honesty, frailty, humility and most of all sincerity.

I promise that I will work on it as long as you continue to read my words, no point in wasting both of our time.  :)

Happy Anniversary to me!

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