Sunday, November 10, 2013

Nutcracker Market!!!!!! (there just isn't enough exclamation points)

This year was a fun time at the Market.  So many people at this amazing event.  I swear I don't think the ballet ever has to perform and just make the money off this 5 day event.

A few years ago I told my husband the men should tailgate outside and my friends and I  can call them to come pick up our packages and save us the hassle of caring bags around Reliant Center.  Well, it just so happen that my husband did not find it entertaining enough or to his benefit to take me up on my offer. However,  I did see a few ladies out there with food, beverages and gates up on their SUV's.  YES, they were actually tailgating!

 I'm pretty sure what that lady is pouring isn't water.

The one thing about the Market is that if you have a little girl you will absolutely go bananas over the outfits they have here.  So many adorable things.

Another great year and one fabulous find of a rhinestone custom cowboy hat.

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