Thursday, November 14, 2013

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My friend Tom Shanks participated in a game where he is given a number (his was 17) so he had to tell 17 interesting things about himself. Because I liked it, he assigned me a number of 10. I will now attempt to list 10 interesting things about myself. it's just a journey of exploration. you don't have to change your profile picture or anything like that.

1) My name comes from a nickname that my mother was called as a child, her full name is Maria Herlinda and to shorten her name my grandparents called her Marylinda. She loved it so much, she name me that.

2) I was the first ever high school student to receive a "promotion" at my part time job at UnitedBank-Houston when I was 16 years old. They basically moved me from bookkeeping tothe Real Estate department. My High School newspaper wrote an article about it. I think it was more creative writing then actual news 

3) I moved to Houston from Chicago at the end of 7th grade and first went to Clifton middle school. I hated it and got into my first fist fight with girls on the tennis court. They were bullying us and I would not give in to them. Got expelled for a few days.

4) Everyone knows I'm short but do they know that I don't even clear 5 feet?

5) My first job was when I was 14 years old. I had my mom sign a paper stating I was 15 so I could go to work. I worked at Weiner's Department Store in the 80's.

6) My best friend from Fonville Middle School got me my job there and another job when I was in my 20's. Sandra Sosa Escobedo, has been a huge part of my life since I was 14. We are each other's kids Godparents.

7) I received my first pops (physical discipline) at Fonville for being a smart ass in class. The question was Who wrote the first book on etiquette? I replied Dr. Frankenstein. 3 POPS!!!

 In my early 20s I managed a central reservation office for over 30 hotels in Mexico. Best job I ever had under Mike Herndon!

9) I do believe in God but feel that is a very personal and private relationship. I also respect and honor others beliefs because the most amazing people I have met who lack faith are the ones who inspire me to be a better person. (Tommy!)

10) I was in woodshop for one day in High School (thought it was a good way to meet boys) but realized I was the only girl. Only class available was typing.

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