Wednesday, October 30, 2013

October Happenings

Another year and another trip to Key West.  The things I love about KW are the following......

1)  Beautiful bungalows throughout the island
2)  Amazing museums (I toured Truman's Little White House & Hemingway's Home)
3)  Crazy, insane, uninhabited, kind people.

All these things make up Fantasy Fest in a nutshell.  Well, perhaps not the museum portion but those can be substituted with Fogarty's Monkey Bar on Duval Street and their delicious Mudslides plus The White Tarpons signature cocktail Key Lime Martini, located on Front St near the pier.

Here is a rated R version of the parade of people you will see during Fantasy Fest.

Have you heard of the six toed cats in Key West?  Here is a picture of one from the Ernest Hemingway home.

I thought they were pretty cool....cats.  Another thing you will find interesting is that throughout the island you will come across chickens, chicks and roosters.  I did may daily morning run and would always get startled by the sudden cock a doodle doo.  By the third day I was ready for those crazy roosters.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and knowing a little bit more about Key West and Fantasy Fest.

Stone Crab Dinner (super yummy!)

On Mallory Square

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