Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Slinging Sushi

We love Sushi.  We don't love the price tag of sushi.  I recently used my computer talents to search YouTube and various other internet sites on how to make sushi.  John brought home some great Grade A Salmon from Alaska.    Well, you can eat Smoked Salmon only for so long and thought I would surprise my honey with Salmon Sushi Rolls.

I found the following website to help me through the process.

Sushi Rice:    Food Network  click on it to get directed to link

Salmon Roll:  YouTube click on it to get directed to link

I love the guys little hand gesture for sushi rice recipes.

Anyway, I had cucumbers and avocado on hand, picked up the seaweed paper and made the rice.

In 10 minutes John and I assembled our rolls and enjoyed our dinner together.  We loved it so much that we did it again the next night except I picked up some prawns and I found a recipe online again for Tempura Shrimp.

Tempura Shrimp:

Aside from this fun dinner night.  John and I really enjoyed being in the kitchen together.  Of course it helped that I picked up some Sapporo Beer.


(good appetite)

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