Friday, September 6, 2013

Labor Day was no joke

 I feel like I just finished moving from our house to a beach house when all I did was host my daughters' birthday in Galveston.  It took me all week to pack to ensure that not one family member would do without.  I had way too many vacations prior to this "Labor Day" and felt over worked. When in fact I was just over vacationed!!!

I think Shelby had a great time and most of my ideas for a beach party were taken from Pinterest. My croissant crab did not make it, the red bell pepper was left behind :(. However the watermelon shark tray did.

 I ordered the invitation from Etsy and then had them printed at Office Depot. You can click here for the website.

Our shark watermelon that my lovely husband made for Shelby and her friends on Saturday morning.

We all had a great time and enjoyed the beautiful weather and friends that came together.  Our good friends and neighbors Jimmy and Paige rented the house next to us and helped with dinner.  Loved having them around.

While the girls played card games or had their teenage time, Paige and I hung out with the babies on the beach.  I made Watermelon-Hibiscus Cocktail (click on title for recipe)  which was perfect for a hot summer day.  The original recipe calls for Honeysuckle however that can only be found in Georgia or Mississippi.

 I drove up Friday afternoon to pick up the girls after school and packed movies for the rode trip down to Galveston, a 5 hour drive!!! They watched Mama Mia and I was serenaded on the trip down.  So much fun listening to these beauties. I packed goody bags for each one for the trip up and for them to enjoy at the beach

 Shelby and her friends

 Dinner out on Saturday night at Mario's in Galveston.

 Happy 18th baby girl!!!

Girls wanted to do a fire on the beach and in Galveston as long as it's off the ground you can have a fire.  So we brought our little tailgater grill and fired it up!  Smore's galore!

I drove everyone back on Monday and was exhausted by the end of the weekend.  Labor day was laborious for me but oh, so worth it.

I don't have a picture of her birthday cake but I ordered it from Patty Cakes's in Galveston and it was the most delicious birthday cake I have had. You can click here for that website.  It wasn't anything spectacular but an old fashion birthday cake with butter creme frosting with fresh strawberry filling.

I was also very happy to have my busy working son join us on Sunday with his boyfriend.  The girls loved playing card games with them.

More to come on my active life this weekend!

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