Tuesday, September 24, 2013


 We were privileged to be invited to a choir performance at Grace Lutheran Church on Waugh this past Sunday.  The concert was to celebrate the Music minister's one year anniversary, who also happens to be my son's boyfriend.

The music was beautiful and uplifting.  Aside from leading the choir, J also plays the organ and piano at the church.  He has such a passion for music and you can just see the love the choir has for him. 

 Two songs they sang were from Sister Act and were such fun upbeat music to hear in the church setting.

A few beautiful solos from the choir members and even J joining in at the end with his beautiful deep baritone voice got the congregation clapping to the beat.

I have visited and belong to several different churches in my lifetime.  However, they always left me feeling judged, disappointed, and unfulfilled.  This church was the epitome of what Christianity should be. A congregation from all walks of life who worship together. Who stress the words and acts of Jesus.  A church were they observe, do good deeds, and leave the judging to God. Truly unconditional love. It was just beautiful.

Thank you J and Emilio for a lovely evening!

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