Friday, August 23, 2013

Atlantic City

This summer has been a very fun summer for me.  I have traveled to North Carolina, Delaware, New Jersey, & Pennsylvania.  I spent some much needed time with my sister from another mother, Carmen.  Worked on my tan and found my way back to reading which I had stopped for some reason.

My son, Emilio picked me up at the airport on Tuesday and in the most sincere and serious tone he asked me "Mom, What are your vacationing from? You don't work."    I know that he made that statement as a joke.  But I couldn't help but ponder this question.

Despite the fact I do not get paid for what I do.  You moms at home know what I am talking about when I say it is work to stay home and take care of everything that doesn't bring home a paycheck.

This has been the second year that I am a pseudo empty nester. Shelby attends school in Dallas so most of my parental responsibilities are done via email, Skype, phone calls and texting.  I think I have to be even more connected with the parents and school to make sure Shelby doesn't miss out on anything.  I always tell my friends that parenting is hard if you do it right. Well, so is marriage.  But both are extremely rewarding and I would not change a thing.  Having our girl and boy nights out help us keep our individual identities and enjoy our marriage.  Gone are the days when we are glued at the hip.  Though there are times when I just want to spend time with my honey, it's all about balance.

Some new friends were made.  And so much fun was had at Atlantic City and the boardwalk.

Regardless, as long as it isn't an issue with my very understanding husband, I will continue to "vacation" with my girlfriends.  So far I have been to Puerto Rico with Paige, Seattle with Paula, and Arizona with Carmen.

I will end this posting with my favorite tormentor:  Maya, Carmen's dog.  She licked every part of me that she could reach and did not give me much peace until the last day.  I'm guessing my "newness" wore off.

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