Monday, July 22, 2013

Sewing project & Life Lessons

To save a few hundred dollars (was going to buy an accent chair)  I decided to make a seat cover for one of my kitchen chairs that I keep in the guest room. I love this pattern I found at Joanne's and regardless of the bright colors not matching completely with the comforter, I liked it and thought it just made the paint on the ceiling and walls pop.

My mother gave me a sewing machine years ago when she worked at Wal-Mart.  Back in the day, when she was in better health.  Since then I have made small projects around the house using YouTube tutorials or the internet. One big project was Emilio's school quilt that you can read about by clicking here.

 I have never had much patience.  I have half-a** wallpapered a bathroom, started projects that I could not finish and painted rooms that should have been torched with better results.    But with time I have slowed down to learn the lessons I was missing before.   I have taught myself to be patient and really keep trying until I get it right. And more than anything to just be myself and not try to invent myself to be the person I think you want.  I did that for so many years in my 20's with of course horrible results.  

My ties for the back of the chair.  I just love this color!

My work isn't perfect and I ALWAYS manage to shed blood in the process (I'm not kidding), those darn pins get me every time.  I hope this inspires you to try new things!

Much love to all.