Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Girl Scouts-Our Final year

This is my troop. We have a total of 9 exceptional girls.  And let us not forget their moms.  The moms who have driven them to meetings, events, cookie booths and who have also volunteered their time and making camping and other excursions possible.

We have undergone so many changes in the past 11 years.  Many girls have come and gone. From the girls in the above picture only two remained with the troop.

 This year we visited the Caverns in the hill country, only 5 girls from this picture are with our troop.

Our annual Christmas party, we did a blanket exchange for this party.  Most girls made their own blankets to exchange.

After finishing our 5th grade year we headed to the birthplace of Juliet Gordon-Lowe, the founder of Girls Scouts of America.  It was a very memorable trip for all.

This is Shelby's 2nd troop 11012.  I still remember how much our troop leader Melanie K, really made the meetings fun and hands on.  She did a great job!

Our visit to the Tall Ship Alisa in Galveston.  We actually spent the night and slept on a steel floor.  It was very cold!

It's amazing to see this group of girls grow and watch their personalities develop.  Out of the 9 girls in our troop, 5 have completed their Gold Award (equivalent to the Eagle in Boy Scout language) and two are currently working on theirs.

Because of the awesome leadership of one of our moms, a group of them headed to England this summer for a Girl Scout vacation.

Needless to say I am very proud that I now these girls and was able to be part of their lives.