Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Burlap Summer

John has been traveling a lot lately and Shelby has also been away so what am i to do????  Well, everything that I have wanted to do and more!

I always wanted to have some great wreaths for the front door.  The entrance to my home has an adorable courtyard with a fountain/firepit and wreaths along with plants that won't die on me would really make this area pop.

So back in November I purchased two burlap wreaths and decorated them for Thanksgiving.  This is what they originally looked like.

Since our summers last a lot longer than our falls.  It bothered me that these beautiful burlap wreaths were just wasting away in my closet top shelf as my front doors sat bare.

So I grabbed my Hobby Lobby Coupon and headed over to buy my deco mesh ribbons, flowers, and summer accents. This is what I came up with.

Front door final result:


Nothing was hot glued on so that when I grow tired of this arrangement I can add or subtract some of the accessories.  I used twine to tie on the frame and signs.

Have a great summer my friends!