Thursday, June 6, 2013


Summer has officially arrived.

I have had Shelby home for the past two weeks and am about to ship her off to camp.  This time, for the very first time, I'm not paying.  She is working as a junior counselor and is very excited about it.

She has been attending this camp since the 5th grade and did not know anyone when she first went there (for a whole two weeks!)  Funny how life steers you in certain directions.  This is where she met girls from Hockaday, which she later applied to and is now attending.  We always knew this little girl of ours was brighter, ambitious, and very adventurous.  We just didn't know how much until the 5th grade.

We hope to find our summer filled with charity work, travel, friends, family, and time relaxing by the pool.  Not in that order as much as I try to do for others, I need some me time.

Shelby at camp with Bethany
I mailed her like 9 fuzzy moustaches and they seemed to have been a big hit

One of the first in line (dad insist) to pick up his little girl on V Day

This weekend we have two graduation parties to attend and a quick flight up to Burnet TX.  Maybe I can convince my honey for a detour to Fredricksburg or another little town with a good diner.