Friday, June 21, 2013

Austin ROT Rally

Came back on Sunday from one of the longest rides of my life.  John and I rode to Austin, TX in 90 degree weather for the Republic of Texas Motorcycle Rally.

Every time I wear this helmut I feel like that little depressed pessimistic robot from "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy".  I only got popped once by a kamikaze bug on my cheek.  Boy does that hurt!

 You gotta love Texas!  Our friends took us on a windy beautiful scenic drive down Devil's Backbone near  New Braunfels on Saturday and we stopped to wet our whistle at the local tavern.  The sign above was displayed on the fireplace.  Which had a stone the shape of the devil's face.  Very creepy!

Another pit stop since we were so closed to Gruene, TX was Gruene Hall.  For as long as I have lived in Texas I have never been to this historic hall.  It was more touristic than I imagined.  Oh well! I still  enjoyed my Shiner!

Another stop, (I know it seems like a pub crawl) but it was a motorcycle rally!) was at a place that has Sandbelt races.  We arrived 30 minutes late and missed the races completely, HOWEVER, we did get to see the bartender do this........

If I had a cowboy hat on, I would have thrown it in the air and yelled "Ye Haw". It was that kind of atmosphere.  Great onion rings here too!

It was also Father's day weekend and for as long as I can remember, every time I asked John what he wanted for Father's day the answer would be- crawfish.  Well, June is too late in the season for crawfish but not in Austin.

Our friends have friends who were having a crawfish boil at their river house on the Guadalupe.  Could this weekend get any better??!?!?!

Have to thank the Beago's for hosting us, we had a great time!