Thursday, May 9, 2013

Summer Reads

With summer just weeks away, I begin researching books for Shelby to take to camp as well as books for myself that would be fun and quick reads by the pool.

My favorite books that my good friend Carmen started me on are by Sarah Addison Allen.  You can pick any one up and I guarantee you that it will leave you feeling good. The stories are unique and tug at your heartstrings without being too mushy.

They are all independent stories so you can start with any of her books.  My first read of hers was Garden Spells.

Last year I started Shelby on Divergent and the sequel Insurgent.  I read them too and could not put them down. Excellent for teenagers and moms who love a good story!

Oh, by the way the third book will be called Allegiant!!! To be released in October.

I hope to hear from my readers of which books they would recommend.

Happy Reading!!!