Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ring (a Ding Ding) Day

Hockaday Class of 2014 
Ring Day

One of the many traditions that Hockaday has is ring day.  This school is aware of how challenging being a student at this school can be.  It is no easy accomplishment to finally reach that goal of becoming a Senior  or as they call it Form IV.  Some of these girls have attended H for 15 years!! Most of them at least since first grade.  Shelby has only been there two years.  

Nevertheless, her accomplishment was received with the same enthusaism as the 15 year student, with great pride and joy!

The ceremony is led by two student council presidents, I believe one is from Form III and the new one for their upcoming Form IV year.  The young ladies were professional and did a wonderful job calling out the names of all the students.  No easy task when you have students from all over the world.

There are 119 girls in Shelby's class, these are a few of her favorite friends.  We are very lucky for her to have a "family" away from home.

Shelby and her good friend from Hong Kong, Samantha.

Friends from their brother school, came over to celebrate with the girls.

We are very proud of our daughter, since the day she was born.  I am happy that we were able to fly in and join her for this very special day.  I was number 12 in turning her ring.  The ring needs to be turned 114 times before she graduates.

Since the school has been around since 1903, there were a few girls with their Grandmother's or Aunt's ring.  It was very poetic to see some moms who were alumni of Hockaday passing on their ring to their daughters.  There was one mom who had a ring from four generations ago.  What  a great gift, empowering, educating, and re-enforcing such traditions on to their daughter.

I am at a loss for words seeing what these beautiful young ladies will come away with from their time here at Hockaday.