Monday, April 15, 2013

Teenagers (or shoot me now)

This post comes with a warning.  My daughter might disown me for posting this. Yet, my fingers are still typing.  You see I have a dilemma.

What do you do when your beautiful baby girl comes to you and says, "mom, I want to pierce my belly button"?

I am not ready for anything remotely close to this type of conversation.  Because my conversation is basically one sided.  It's me saying.....No tattoos, no piercings, and no underage drinking.  Three simple rules.  Not to be questioned, argued or challenged.
  If only life where that simple.

Love your body, do no harm, treat it like a temple.  Isn't that in the bible?!  Unfortunately, we raised our children to be free thinkers, with room for tolerance for all.  And look where that got us!  With a 17 year old wanting to pierce her belly button. 

What next? Never mind, I really don't want to know at this point.  

I won't change my mind nor teeter from the precocious tip of my pedestal in which I hold her on, for she is but a butterfly trying to spread her wings and I am the cocoon she is trying to break free from. 

I just wish she would do so without a freakin' piercing!

12/13/13  Update:  She changed her mind on the piercing and is now trying to convince us on a tattoo. We know who is going to win this battle, she has two thumbs and is typing this right now!
Parents unite and stay firm!!!