Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Santa Barbara

Our time in Santa Barbara was spent doing some fun touristy things.  On Sunday, waiting for John to meet up with us, Shelby and I hit the waterfront.  It just so happend that on Sundays they have local artist selling their wares.  We got the cutest "chick" paintings by a local artist by the name of Peggy Buchanan.  You can see all her art work at www.peggybuchanan.com.

I bought this one. I couldn't find a Texas Chick but will probably order one from her.  Really nice lady who took to Shelby and told her to call her if she decides on UCSB.  Really sweet.

Aside from the art show, we also visited Stearns Wharf and found the best little hands on aquarium. The Ty Warner Sea Center.

It was a bit chilly during our stay as you can see me shiver in this picture.

On our way back from the whale watching tour we came across a group of sea lions.  Aren't they the cutest?

 Before we left Shelby wanted to check out the Santa Barbara Zoo.   We saw young flamingos, they are grey when they are born and turn pink by eating brine shrimp.  I wonder what color they would turn if they ate eggplants.

Will start on LA tomorrow.  Santa Barbara was just to pretty to do one post. :)