Monday, April 22, 2013

My 40th

Looking at these old pictures the ones who have changed the most is the kids.  The years go by so fast.  We rented two beach homes and our friends rented one for themselves to share.
Robin, Louie , Carmen and Mark.  Great families.  Unfortunately with our kids going to separate schools we have grown apart.  Except for Carmen, we seem to be sisters from another mother and pick up where we left off.

Helen came down with her family and stayed in the extra beach house.  Others rsvp that they were coming too and ended up not showing, so they had this big house to themselves.  She has been my friend for over 19 years.  Wait that doesn't seem possible.  Aren't we still in our 20's??

My good friend Paula, is an amazing cook and she prepared our breakfast, including mimosas! I even had a friend fly down from California.  I forget how wonderful and good to me these women in my life are.

my cake face!  I love cake

I can't find the picture of Sandi and I from this weekend.  She is my life long friend from middle school.  She is an amazing mom, wife, girlfriend, sister, aunt.  You name it she can do it.  The bible verse that reminds me so much of her is Colissian 3:17. And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.

I am not saying she is perfect but she is in my eyes. Love you Sandi!!

I am not much for quoting scripture but some women in my life truly make me want to better myself. She is one of them.  Her daughter Jenni, is another one that I have seen grow from a baby to a beautiful young lady.  This is what my birthday reminds me of.  My family, friends, and sisters.  

It was truly an amazing weekend and would love to do this again at my 50th.  I just don't know if my husband can plan another birthday like that one.  

He always outdoes himself when it comes to my birthday and this says a lot since he isn't a planner by any means.