Sunday, April 21, 2013

Galveston 2003

 Shelby has always been a beach girl. When I brought up her 18th birthday and what she wanted to do to celebrate it came as no surprise that she wanted to rent a beach house.  Since her birthday falls in the end of September she thought celebrating it on Labor day weekend would work out much better.

 We found a great beach house that weekend that accommodates 12 and then my good friend and neighbor booked the house next to us.  Should be a lot of fun for all.
Now that I recall when I turned 40, we did the same thing. Galveston, beach houses, friends, and gorgeous weather.  I will post those pictures tomorrow.
 These pictures are from 2003, 10 years ago.  That would make Shelby 6 years old.
John, barefoot as always

I love this picture of my two honeys.  She always was very independent and her dad made sure she felt it.  Even when he was shadowing her.

I think Emilio was at fiddle camp this weekend or perhaps with his grandparents.