Thursday, April 11, 2013


This past Sunday was an epic day.  Aside from having about 35 to 50 people at the house, we also had our annual father and daughter event that same day.  AT THE SAME TIME!

My niece baptized her daughters on Saturday and I offered to host the party on Sunday.  I called Lasagna House and ordered a splendid menu of italian food.  I just prepared the salad.

The weekend cooperated and the pool was heated to a cozy 78 degrees.  Kids had a blast in the pool and I had no left overs.

 Our guest of honor:
 Emmie and Liana

Andrea taking a picture of the banner I created with my cricut machine.

 Emilio made an amazing Sangria which everyone enjoyed.  I found the recipe on here.
We omited the brandy and did a jug (gallon) of Sangria wine.  $10.99 at HEB.

 My little brother, Raul aka the grandpa treated the entire family to an hour of Mariachi's.  It was beautiful and well received by all.    Not sure if my neighbors felt the same way but it was early in the afternoon and no one called to complain.
Favorite Cousins
being serenaded, two generations

 Liana fell asleep eating, she was tired from all the swimming, candy, and running around.

I'll post about the father daughter event tomorrow.  Enjoy!

It is moments like this, a day full of family, reminiscing, laughter and new memories that make life seem heavenly.