Wednesday, March 27, 2013

LA is the place it sets my mind ablaze

After five days in Santa Barbara enjoying the beautiful harbors and beaches.  We traveled the one and half hour drive to Los Angeles. City of Angeles, which I have yet to see.  A lot of entitled blondes but that's about it.  It's only day one.

On the other hand the sushi we had was fantastic. We tried the sea monk liver sushi and decided it really wasnt for us.   For lunch prior to leaving Santa Barbara we went to Lilly's tacos and had tongue, Cheek, and eye tacos. Eye tacos were on the greasy side. All in all today was a day for new experiences. Lilly's is mentioned in serval national magazines as the place to eat.  It reminded me of tacos of Mexico.  Simply delicious!! And at a $1.60 ea., a bargain.

Tomorrow we will check out the sights of LA and do a dearly departed  tour. Should be spooktacular!!