Tuesday, March 12, 2013

End of February

February is one very busy month for us.  Aside from Girl Scouts cookie time (yes, my troop still sells GS cookies)  Houston also kicks off the rodeo with the annual BBQ Cook off.  This year the booth that my husband is part of was featured on Fox News.  Our theme this year was Bobbysox and Barbecue.  You can imagine how I had to dress, yes 50's attire.  White oxfords, pink satin jackets and a pony tail. I also wore a "Lucille Ball" type dress for the morning news.


A video of the booth and interview.  Wonderful segment on Baytown and the BBQ booth.  This segment brought on a slew of calls and texts calling me the "Vanna White" of porta potties.  I have to say I agree.  It's not easy sporting a smile while balancing in kitten heals AND opening a porta potty door.

Very proud on how it all came together for this team.  Even though we didn't win for best barbecue, the tent was super fun and best BBQ I have ever tasted! (What can I say)

John and I at the Tent

If you ever plan on visiting Houston come down February or March.  It's the best time to enjoy spring like weather, good food, and tons of entertainment.  If you haven't seen a 5 year old hanging on for dear life to a fast trotting sheep, well, my friend, you have not lived.

Winter Formal 2013

The same weekend as the cook off it was also's Shelby's winter formal.  She found this adorable dress for $30.00.  And I love how dapper her date looked with the matching bow tie.

I am glad that February is over.  Balancing everything in February was exhausting but well worth it.
I wonder what March will bring.....